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Music Business Development Training

How to develop you and your business product using relevant experience.

The Wheeler Street Corporation, will be delivering, an entertainment industry standard program called ‘How to become a successful musician’. This will cover the principles and practices involved in selling records/downloads, generating a fan base, selling tickets, record production, developing an image, profiling, getting a record deal, attracting a manager, agents and finally performing as a professional. Wheeler Street and its partners have successfully worked with some well known musicians who have achieved national and international chart success. We also are skilled in working with young people who aim high and are innovatively driven. We offer leadership, knowledge and excellence in the areas of Drug and Alcohol Substance Misuse, Neighbourhood Anti Social Behaviour, Housing and Criminal Justice. We also offer training and one to one vocal coaching and support.

We give practical tutoring on the following subject areas

Entertainment Industry Management, Professional Music Production, Recording Studio, Image Development and Photography, Video Production, Record Company.

Additional imperative products or services?

1. How to become a successful musician - 12 session Development Program
2. Entertainment Industry Management
3. Professional Music Production
4. Recording Studio
5. Image Development and Photography Shoot
6. Video Production

Tour Management

Tour Manager - per day £150
(please be advised that travel costs and expenses will be added to this cost, please contact us for further information)


Consultancy includes - how to achieve the next steps’ for your band i.e. what to do next to achieve results needed regarding tour, signing to record label, improving profile, PR etc..

Questions answered and help given. We also offer consultancy for large scales projects including tour booking and planning, EP release (PR needed) and help looking over industry contracts to find the right one for you.

Vocal Coaching & Artist Development

Get in touch for more details

e : t : 07956 493 812
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