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GT’s Records was founded in September 1983 with production of Pato Banton’s ‘Never Give In’ Album. The album was immediately licensed to ‘Primitive Man Records’ in the USA, and then taken over by Mile Copland and Jay Boberg’s, IRS Records, a subsidiary of MCA Records USA. GT’s follow up production came with the release of Peter Spence, ‘Don’t leave Me Lonely’ and Hit Album ‘I’ll Be There’, Tippa Irie’s @Ah Me Dis’ and ‘Saphpia and Steel’ by Tippa Irie and Peter Spence, which also were subsequently licensed to IRS Records USA and Island Records UK.

GT’s rebranded in June 2014 with a new brand of talented artists in the UK will now operate as a company that produces artists, bands and personalities that play good quality popular music of all genres. ‘We Just Gotta Like It’!


Grantley (GT) Haynes has worked with artists such as, Smiley Culture, Pato Banton, Tippa Irie and Peter Spence to name a few. We cover genres, Reggae, Pop, R&B and Alternative Indie. As produces James Crosdale, JBEATZ and GT work directly with ‘MY BOYZ BEATZ’. However, we collaborate with other producers who might show an interest from an artist development point of view. GT’S Records and Grantley (GT) Haynes management has extensive knowledge and experience in booking gigs/shows and worldwide tours, primarily for the bands/artists we represent. Our principles are to aim high to create stepping stones for artists to develop into mainstream vocalists and or performers at the highest level. One size doesn’t fit all people. We pride ourselves with the fact that we do whatever it takes to get the job done! Artist development strategies are us, after 1 year with us and the judgement is yours to make! For this we earn a management set per month - % of takings for all royalties, gig shows, EP and album sales and merchandise sold.

A good manager is worth his or her salt! They should be someone who is honest, dependable and well knowledged in the area of the entertainment industry. However, by far the most important factors for any artist is that your manager has an undying belief in you as a person and an artist. The manager is the person who handles all business aspects of an artist’s career. The manager is the person who consults with the act on business decisions and deals with the other members of the team on behalf of the artist. The manager is in charge of the day to day running of the business for the artist including hiring and firing, general accounting, and making key career decisions for the artist or band. The general purpose of the manager is to handle all aspects of an artist’s business so the act is free to concentrate solely on singing and performing.

As a manager he looks for record companies and decides which one is the best company for whom the artist should sign. In addition, his role is to source a music publisher, (if the artist writes their own songs) and negotiate the best deal. As artist managers we advise regarding the creative processes involved in image generation, music production, CD/download, merchandise personal appearances and tours.

We coordinate and obtain reviews, interviews, Radio airplay, and general promo and guidance towards the overall press pack development around media marketing and social networking. Photographic shoots are part of our in-house services as well as hiring of music video makers when required.
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