Tippa Irie

Operator Yuh Fi Rope In Set Speed Intermead

Tippa Irie, Daddy Tipp or Tony to those who know him well, is regarded as one of the pioneer of the fast style alongside, Steven Peterkin, Papa Levi, Daddy Colonial, Smiley Culture, Asher Senator Sandy and Rusty. All considered top UK reggae artists. Tippa started his musical on the famous King Tubby sound, then moved onto Saxon International. His first single was called the Opposite (Sir Lloyd) which was closely associated with the Live at Dick Shephard Youth Club albums.

Tippa then signed to Greensleves Records under the tutor-ledge of Chris Cracknell who released Tippa and the Colonel, The Best and Complain Neighbour. However, before that it was the Saxon Live Album ‘Coughing Up Fire’ that along with Heaps of Saxon tapes in circulation featured Saxon International and its MC’s in session. My desire to voice Tippa’s blistering mesmerising assault was born.

So here it is bucket list near complete. Grab a handful of this, to me this is Tippa Irie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Operator Yuh Fi Rope In Set Speed Intermead – Out on all platforms.


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