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About Grantley Haynes and Wheeler Street.

Born in Birmingham England he is an artist manager, music producer, who has worked with internationally known bands and artists such as UB40, Steel Pulse, Pato Banton and Tippa Irie since 1984. He began work in the performing arts and musical theatre in 2014 when a friend encouraged him to put his music to a play act. What cane next was dance. Some time later he was working on a video for one of his songs whilst talking to the dance tutor he asked would she be interested in working on 5 songs rather than 1.

It was at this point that Mirrors and Makeup was born. The name came from a thought Grantley had to help young people change, by looking at the self and their dreams in a mirror when washing their faces.

Grantley is a well known personality in the City of Birmingham and its music Industry which began with him starting out as a DJ. Driven with the passion to develop young talent, he seized the opportunity to co-write the story to Mirrors and Makeup. It was a steep learning process, casting, rehearsing, staging, a lot of work. However, Grantley used his experience in rehearsing and touring bands and artists across Europe and the United States with to raising the skills and abilities of young people to deliver the show to a sold out audience at Birmingham’s Crescent Theatre.

His work with young people also includes those from disadvantaged. Communities. This enabled him to use his skills and abilities in music which, led him to feature them on songs for My Boyz Beatz, GT”s Records, helping them to become professional entrepreneurs.

Grantley’s interests are focused on how the performing arts can transform the creative mindset of young people, helping them to develop their talent and bring their creativity to life on stage, record or in the field of dance, assisting aspiring musicians and performers to hone their craft and achieve their artistic goals.

Education and Career Achievement

Education/ Career –  Bachelor of philosophy (Ed) youth and community a the Arts Masters (MA) in Criminology and an MBA Master’s in Business Administration

with over twenty-five years’ experience of working with communities in Birmingham youth and community work, substance misuse and anti social behaviour projects. 

I am the founding member of Wheeler Streets Young Entertainers and Entrepreneurs in Action, GT’s Records, My Boyz Beatz production company.

Recipient of grant awards since 2004

Discography – My Boyz Beatz

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube

Social Media

Tel: +447956 493812


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