The Wheeler Street Young Entertainer Of The Year Program was born in 2015 out of an idea created by Grantley GT Haynes, Keith Brown and Matt Flint. For sometime Keith had spoken to GT about using his knowledge and skills gained from years working in the music industry and putting it to use, giving something back to young people. GT had met Matt on another project that had ended and where Matt wanted to do something else with GT to sustain what has been a good friendship and business alliance.

In 2015 whilst working on Birmingham City Councils ‘Midnight Bus’ GT met 13 year old Lucy Tennyson. Around the same time GT’s youngest son Jason said to him that he should go back into the music business as he and his brother Chris had now grown up. I guess that was all it took for GT to make up his mind and go for it!!

As things progressed, GT asked Lucy to sing and realised that this very shy young lady had something very special about her voice and asked her if Lucy and her friend (Chloe, a dancer) would like to perform at the the 2nd Wheeler Street Annual fundraising Black Tie Ball attended by Birmingham’s Lord Mayor. Lucy asked that GT meet her parents who agreed. What a great night, 25 children attended and were paid for from the money raised alongside additional money for coaching and developing young people into chosen areas of performing and the arts.

Lucy is now 18yrs and boasts 2 EP’s and tracks featured on many compilations, people from her neighbourhood in Shard End know who she is and rate her as a singer who has collaborated with some of the best; with people downloading her music and her performing at world renown venues such as The London Jazz Café together with streams on a daily bases. Lucy’s releases to date comprise of:

1, Lucy Tennyson – Megan The Beginning
2, Lucy Megan Tennyson - Breakthrough

After one of the Wheeler Street board meetings, Sandra, mentioned that she was aware of a young person whom she felt could benefit from being coached in a similar way to that of Lucy. At the 4th Wheeler Street Ball where Wheeler Street continued to raise money to work with young people.

Whilst greeting people form table to table, GT was introduced to Aliyah Wiggins. Aliyah said she was having a great time and looking forward to the rest of the show. The next time GT and Aliyah met was at a Christmas/New Years party and GT asked her to sing, GT was impressed with her voice and with this they seemed to get on. At the same time 14yr old Aliyah’s parents asked GT to coach her. The rest is history. Miss Aliya, as she is known now, has gone form strength to strength. She is a force to be reckoned with, she has with some of the best there is to date. Her fan base is growing and the audience love her. Miss Aliya has performed at world renown venues such as The London Jazz Café, Birmingham Town Hall, The London Indigo Arena and Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. together with streams on a daily bases. Miss Aliya’s releases to date comprise of:

1, Miss Aliya – Miss Aliya
2, Mirrors and Make Up - The Soundtrack

Wheeler Street Young Entertainers and Entrepreneurs In Action

The Young Entertainers and Entrepreneurs In Action aspect from what was a dream has organically become a set of aims and a goal; which is to assist the young people to whom we engage:

1 – Coach and steer them and what they desire in the direction of where they can be seen, heard and appreciated
2 – To provide them with profession management where needed, towards discipline ad success
3 – To become there own bosses

Young Entertainer of the year.

Was a competition to search for young people who wanted to enter the music and performing arts industry. It was a great opportunity for young talented individuals to enter the entertainment industry by providing an opportunity for them to:

Sing, Dance, or Act in a musical theatrical production.
e : johnson.haynes.music@gmail.com t : 07956 493 812
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