• My Boyz ft Lucy Tennyson

Lucy grew up in Birmingham with a dream to leave for bigger, better things. Singing before she could even talk, she realised she had a natural talent at a very early age. Starting out as a young, determined girl with a passion for the stage - she built her confidence over the years through hard work and passion and transformed into a young, professional female artist. Her secondary education at a specialist Performing Arts Academy encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and gave her the freedom to express what was bursting to get out. Lucy landed a gig at a charity ball at the age of 13 where she met Grantley 'GT' Haynes - from that moment forwards they have been working on training, concerts, gigs, and developing her voice into the intoxicating, smooth, professional standard it is today. This young woman is strong, fearless and independent - something she says that she gets from her Mother - and her voice exudes inner confidence and power. A soulful, sweet mix of her influences (including R&B, Pop, a splash of Soul and a pinch of Rock), her sound is hypnotic and about to take the world by storm - Be ready!

“When you love something as much as I love singing, it’s hard to stop!” - Lucy

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My Boyz ft Lucy Tennyson

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