Papa Crook

So my reggae journey really started I would say in 2015 Via social media. After being a fan of reggae music from a very young age. My Daughter Charley first set me up a Instagram page where I would do short 15 second video clips singing over some of my favourite reggae songs even today I still have Over 20k followers on my page. In April 2015 she set me up my very first Facebook page @originalpapacrook Where I could do the same sing over but for  a longer time, this became very popular and today my current following is a massive 74 Thousand. I never thought way back then that I would go on to Record 18 studio songs to date. -6 duets -6 covers & -6 Originals that I have written myself. I Have Met some amazing people -Artists- Producers- Promotors- Along my Journey have performed at some real nice venues and im still loving my journey.

- Papa Crook

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