Darshae is an 18 year old student from one of Birmingham’s performing arts academies. Darshae has always had a passion for music from the tender age of 7. She recounts that her mother witnessed her singing along to songs that were being played on the radio at the time. Darshae states is was from this point, she recognised that Darshae had a voice and a unique tone.


Darshae began to enter singing competitions wherever and whenever there was one available. Darshae has many good people around her, however her greatest inspiration if she had to narrow them down, would be her mother, simply because of how she motivates and pushes her to be the best she can possibly be. "She helps me to recognise that despite set backs, she must never give up”. Other inspirations include artists such as Kehlani and Rihanna who's persona, she mentions are somewhat similar and reflect those she sees in herself.


Darshae will never forget the first time she heard the beat’ which became 'No Coming Back’ produced by My Boyz Beatz, "Once I heard the beat, I immediately fell in love with it and couldn't help but begin writing to it. The lyrics are based on a true life experience, that took place in my life, this drove me to express the pain and frustration when putting pen to paper and writing away, as well as singing passionately from the heart. I’m so proud of ‘No Coming Back’ its an amazing song.


Darshae, began writing songs when she was 15 but, has now only decided to get serious and begin work on her EP. “I wouldn’t say I have a specific genre or sound at this very moment, but would say R&B and trap soul are a few of her favourites. Darshae’s image and style are drawn from a variety of fashion icons in the industry, including Kim Kardashian, Zendaya and Beyonce. Look out for Darshae’s EP due early 2019.


Darshae was awarded a Maths GCSE (A*), as well as singing Darshae would like to set up her own business in accountancy. Darshae just enjoys maths!


Finally, Darshae states none of this could have been possible without God himself, guiding her in the right direction at all times throughout life.


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