Miss Aliya

The music industry moves at the speed of sound. Miss Aliya has the talent and ability to run with it – Grantley GT Haynes

Miss Aliya’s embodies a sound is that of a cross between the legend that is Whitney Houston, and Beyonce - but with her own, unique touch. This 16 year old, is ready to embrace her inner soul diva - and once you embrace a performance, download or personal encounter; you will not be disappointed! 

Miss Aliya is the whole package. A strong, distinctive, talented vocalist, dancer and an energetic performer with a style that fuses 70’s diva with 90’s funk, Miss Aliya!

“Singing has allowed me to express myself in many different ways. Whether that be singing reggae, a soulful ballad or indie rock, I am able to tell a story and paint a picture to those who are prepared listen to my voice. Through exploring numerous genres, such as R’n’B, Pop, Soul etc, I have been able to learn. I have become a student to music, one who is willing listen, watch and work hard. It is the focus that continues to drive me.”

"Music, has provided me with a voice and a way of communicating that has given me the springboard to find freedom and the ability to free what I feel. It has opened the doors of my mind and has shown me that in every situation there is a life lesson that one must hold on to. Whether you choose to express that musically or lyrically, is up to you. There are no restrictions in music, just sense". 

Over the past 2 years I have been working Grantley Haynes and with GT’s Records and together we have accomplished and achieved so much, not only have been introduced to amazing people, but I have also performed at amazing venues, such as The Jazz Café, O2 Indigo, Shardfest, Hare and Hounds, The Irish Centre and many more. For me to say that I have performed at that many venues and more at the age of 16, to me, is mind-blowing!

I have nothing but gratitude to music and those I take my journey with. My parents and family are very supportive and are a very important part of my life and they are with me along the way. 

Miss Aliya is a smart, articulate girl with an energy so positive it is incredible. Since singing classical music at 10 years old, she has progressed across genres to find her own, strong soulful sound. With an impressive attitude, humble nature and determination, she draws inspiration from her parents who have always taught her to find the best in a situation - whatever that may be. Since signing with GT’s Records, she has pushed herself beyond all expectations.

The best is yet to come


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