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Midlands band Modern Minds are making waves, and quite a name for themselves on the local Indie music scene. With a multi-layered sound, they play from the heart with a rocking sound that speaks for itself. They are a group of hard working lads who aren’t in it for the money, but to make music that hits people right in the chest. Lyrics that capture you, riffs that get your feet tapping and melodies that stick in your mind. Not afraid to put on a good show, Modern Minds are known for their amazing live gigs. Passion, excitement, an air of mystery, they’ve got it. A stylish band, from the music they create to the way they dress themselves - everything is cut back to let the music take the lead and speak for itself. It’s not all about the live gigs - let’s face it, everyone sounds better live. These guys know how to make good music, and the proof is in their recorded material. With their latest EP soon to be released, the band are anticipating it to be the biggest thing they have created to date, and are looking forward to bringing it to life with a tour across the UK in 2015.


*LUKE - LEAD VOCALS/GUITAR With his first song written and under his belt at the age of 18, he decided he might just be good at it. With key influencers such as the Stone Roses and The Smiths, this guy knows what he wants, and leads the band into every situation with passion and drive.

*JASON - BASS Luke’s best bud and long time band member - rumored to be the founder of Modern Minds…

*ADAM - DRUMS Former session drummer for musical stage productions - he was hunted down by Luke and Jason to help form the basis of Modern Minds.

*ALEX - KEYBOARD Because no band is complete without a keyboard player providing powerful ‘layers’ to their sound.

*DEAN - GUITAR Wolverhampton’s Wonderboy - with a reputation, and impressive gig history, Dean provided the band with maturity and experience, and boy can you hear it.

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